The school was started with the purpose of providing a much-needed basic foundation centre for the children of Shanthinagar. It may be mentioned that the neighborhood did not have such a school until the arrival of First Discovery on the scene, with the result that parents were compelled to seek such schools at great distance from their homes, thereby causing considerable hardship to both them and their children.

First Discovery thus solves many problems: it provides a safe haven for children within walking distance of their homes, it relieves their parents of traffic worries, and above all, it guarantees excellent educational grounding for children through highly skilled teaching.

First Discovery is different from other institutions: it is a ‘concept’ school, where the methods of imparting knowledge are through encouraging children to discover things for themselves, by allowing them to see patterns and logic and thereby arrive at the concepts underlying nature, language and the world. The school has a modern infrastructure with Montessori Material which taps intelligence of a child learning which enables all-round development. The aids that are provided and designed are based on suggestions given by experts in the field provide an excellent basis for educating the child. They are used for learning a variety of concepts pertaining to language development, alphabet, counting. Colors identification, eye-hand co-ordination for a variety of other functions.

The teaching faculty, headed by Ms. Reshma, are all trained and qualified, and they all posses one extremely vital attribute, viz. an empathy with and a love for children. Therefore, parents need have no worries whatsoever about their ward.

The play area is hygienically maintained and allows children to enjoy themselves with all modern equipments.

We encourage children to eat healthy with our programs such as the healthy morning. On request from the parents we can provide the services of an acclaimed nutritionist to give the parents the information of the child’s nutrition
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