Observing your child in the environment is a wonderful opportunity to see and understand the child's activities in his school environment. We encourage all parents to observe at least once during the year. Written reports on your childs performance is made. In addition, parents and teachers often confer at other times, too. Close cooperation and communication between the childs parents and teacher are keys to the child gaining the most from his time at First Discovery.

Yes, we do have many special events for the enrichment of your child’s learning. To name a few, we organize school outings, celebrating all festivals and Annual Day which is one of the most highlighted event of the year where children exhibit their talent and we are ever grateful to all parents who volunteer and make the event a memorable one each year. (for volunteering opportunities, please contact the Directress. Please note, it makes a difference in your child's learning experience to see the parent's participating in class activities, however, volunteering opportunities are based on first come first serve, hence please sign up soon.)

The schools admission process is three-part:
1. The Directress meets with both the parents and the child in a non-class setting.
2. After the initial orientation, the printed application form has to be filled and submitted along with a recent passport size photograph of the child.
3. The initial payment is due along with the application form.

We do not have after school extended childcare. Our School Timings are as follows: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. for the first year Montessori children and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the second and third year Montessori children.

Even though we are not affiliated with any van pickups and drop off facility, we can however help by introducing reliable van service providers.